About Us

Hi, my name is Patrick Monson, and I love coffee.  Not too long ago, my wife and I felt deeply that we were ready to leave our cozy, familiar life in California and embark on our next adventure. We considered many possibilities and spent many nights discussing areas we thought might have a real need for a new coffee and espresso service company. Desired was a location that had room for growth, a friendly community, and plenty of "the great outdoors" for us to explore. The list narrowed down to a couple of choices, but over time we began to be most excited about the potential for starting a service company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Seeing the niche markets and coffee shops starting to pop up outside of the strip, as well as the variety of established companies in the area, we knew that Vegas was in need of a coffee and espresso service company that could meet the needs of all. We wanted to be that company. With that we decided to make the move and jump into our next new adventure. As a result we are now the proud owners of Red Rock Coffee Outfitters, a coffee service and sales company.


Since Patrick started working in the coffee industry 12 years ago he has always had a passion and understanding for the important role that mechanics plays in a delicious cup of coffee. He knows that if a machine is not running properly, it cannot deliver a beverage you can be proud of. This is why RRCO feels passionately about making sure its customers are properly set up and trained from the beginning so they can succeed now and in the future.  

As his experience progressed over the years, Patrick learned about two opposite but complementary sides of coffee service. The first came from a small repair company that focused on customer support through relationships. He learned to focus on keeping the customer at top of the list and ensuring that their experience was always a good one.  Then came his employment with Schaerer USA where he learned about technological advances, commercial needs including roll outs, large roaster requirements, and maintaining national and global accounts. What we strive for at RRCO is to be able to provide the same small business, customer oriented feel, while bringing high end top of the line technology and data tracking to handle the largest and smallest of customers.  

Coffee service you can depend on from beginning to end.

Coffee Machine Repair and Espresso Machine Repair In Las Vegas